With the A1 New Every 2  Commercial Program  

? You Get New Equipment Every 2 Years

Equipment is Always Under Warranty

? Always have the Newest, Most Efficient Equipment

? Easy One Page Application ? Low Monthly Payments

MORE OPTIONS! Turn in the Equipment or Purchase at Lease End 

Program Benefits:

An exclusive program offered by A1 Power Equipment for Commercial Clients and Business Owners. Municipal programs are also available.

  • Low Monthly Payment: Payment factor comparable to a 3 year lease.
  • Mid-term Service: Optional, one time service offered at the end of the first season.
  • Shortened Resale Cycle: Shorten the life cycle by 1 or even 2 years. Equipment is ALWAYS UNDER WARRANTY.
  • Easy 1 page application and lease document.
  • Options at end of lease term: Customer returns equipment or has option to purchase at a set residual.

Smart. Simple. Easy. 


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