Top 5 STIHL Yard Tools for Dad This Father's Day

Top 5 STIHL Yard Tools for Dad This Father's Day

Father's Day

Don’t worry…There’s still time to shop for gifts for Dad this Father’s Day, and we’ve got everything you need to satisfy the dads in your life. From lawn mowers and leaf blowers to pruners, power washers, and gift cards, you’re sure to find just what you need at A-1 Power!


Trimming low-hanging branches or unruly trellis growth can be a grueling task. STIHL makes this job much easier with a nice selection of pole pruners, used for both residential or commercial needs. Ideal for minor tree pruning, thinning new growth at the edges of a mature trees, or tidying up clematis-like growth.

STIHL offers a variety of styles - both battery and gas powered - to choose from based on your Dad’s needs. Check out our residential models here or see what we have to offer for your Dad’s commercial pruning needs here.


To make sure Dad’s shrubs and trees stay healthy throughout the spring / summer seasons, it’s important to treat them with pesticides, herbicides or granular materials. Such treatment can help our vegetation repel plant-killing diseases and/or vegetation-eating bugs, such as Japanese Beetles and grubs.

For more simplistic needs around his home and garden, check out STIHL’s handheld sprayers. But, if you’re looking for a model to help him take on a commercial project, check out their backpack sprayers. These sprayers are ideal for maintaining pressure through continuous refills on all-day projects and are comfortable and lightweight, helping you get through the day of yard work.


If your Dad likes to give the lawn a crisp, polished look, STIHL has a nice selection of edgers and bed refiners. Their models are designed to power through overgrown grass, thick weeds and compacted soil. The adjustable depth wheel gives you the ability to cut different depths along your walkways, driveways and pieces of your property in need of proper definition. For professional edging needs, click here or check out their residential models here.


Whether your Dad needs to maintain the grounds surrounding an apartment complex or park or if he needs to clean off his walkway(s) and driveway(s) after mowing his lawn, STIHL offers a comprehensive selection of blowers - corded, battery or gas powered with handheld or backpack design. For hefty projects, check out these high-performance models. For household or personal grounds maintenance, click here.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are arguably one of the most versatile yard and home tools a person can own. Whether Dad needs to give your porches, exterior and fencing a nice thorough clean or you need to clean up the lawn furniture, decking, vehicle or grill, a power washer is the perfect tool for the job. STHIL has a great selection of gas-powered models for your residential needs, as well as a few high-powered models for your larger, commercial needs.