How To Keep Your Lawn Mower Running Strong

How to Keep Your Lawn Mower Running Strong

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You’ve already gotten the mower out a couple of times this season, yet you can’t help but notice that it doesn’t seem to be running as smoothly as it used to. Few pieces of equipment take the same beating as the lawn mower, yet we often neglect them until they don’t start or something breaks. To make sure you are getting the most life out of your lawn mower, here’s a few helpful maintenance tips.


Keep It Clean

If you want your lawn mower to keep running smoothly, it’s best to keep the dust and muck off of it. That doesn’t mean you need to keep is sparkling clean and wax it every single time you mow, but you should always brush off the old grass and spray it down so the discharge chute doesn’t get clogged.


Check Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure seems simple, but it can have a big impact on the overall cut of your lawn. Believe it or not, uneven tire pressure can cause your lawn mower to cut unevenly. We’re not saying that each of your tires should be checked and have the same identical pressure, but it’s always best to check the pressure periodically to ensure all tires are properly inflated.


Check & Drain the Fluids

If you’re having trouble getting your lawn mower started, there’s a good chance you’ll need to drain the old gasoline. When gas sits in your fuel tank all winter long, it can thicken, ultimately clogging your fuel lines. To avoid this headache, we suggest running the remaining gas out of your mower at the end of mowing season or draining it. Then, once spring arrives, add fresh gas, and check the fuel lines and filter to make sure all is clear.

Also, just like our vehicles, a lawn mower needs regular oil changes to keep it running smooth throughout the season. At the beginning of each mowing season, make sure you drain the old oil and add new. After adding new, aim to change your lawn mower’s oil approximately every 20 to 50 hours of operation. At the very least, change it with each new season.


Replace Air Filter

Another common culprit of a lawn mower running rough or not starting is a dirty air filter. A general rule of thumb is to replace your air filter once a year. It’s the air filters job to remove dust, debris and other particles before it reaches your engine and causes a problem. In order for your lawn mower to continue to run efficiently, it needs the clean air provided by an air filter to mix with the fuel and power your engine. The dustier your mowing environment, the more often you should clean your air filter. Less dust and debris = less stress on the engine + increased efficiency.


Replace Spark Plugs

Just like the air filter and old fluids, a spark plug can also prevent your mower from starting and lead to other troubles as well. An old or failing spark plug can decrease fuel efficiency, overwork your engine, cause the engine to struggle. To ensure a smooth start each year, it’s best to get a new spark plug once a year. If you want to get the best life out of your spark plug, periodically remove it and use a wire brush or spray-on cleaner to clean it, removing dust and other particles.


Sharpen The Blades

It’s natural for your lawn mower blades to dull over time. From regular use to hitting rocks, twigs, and other debris in the yard, your blades can wear down pretty quickly. If your blade is dull, it will rip and tear the grass, not providing a clean cut. If you notice your mower not cutting as well as it used to, it’s best to take it to a professional to have the blades sharpened. They will have all the tools needed -- like a grinding wheel -- to get your blades trimming like new again.


Get A Professional Tune Up

Finally, one of the best ways to ensure your mower is in top working order for the season is to take it in for a full professional tune up. We can take care of all your yearly maintenance: draining old fluids, replacing air filters and spark plugs and perform basic diagnostic tests. Bring your mower in at the end of the season or just before the spring grass start to grow. For a full list of service options visit our website or schedule service today online.