Why It Pays To Spend More On Your Mower

Why It Pays To Spend More On Your Mower

Why It Pays To Spend More On Your Mower

“You get what you pay for.” -- If we only had a dollar for every time we?ve heard that, right? Surprisingly though, in most cases, this statement is correct. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear then that this couldn’t be more true when it comes purchasing a lawn mower.

Are all mowers of the same manufacturer created equal? Is that Cub Cadet or SCAG at your local big box store the same model you’ll find at a trusted local dealer? Is that no-name brand really as good?

Big Box vs. Trusted Local Power Equipment Dealer

From time to time, you will notice big box stores running huge discounts on popular name brand mowers--prices that are more comparable to brands with less of a reputation.

In order for big box stores to offer such attractive prices, they work with large name brand manufacturers to offer similar models to those offered at local dealers. That’s right - similar models. Of course, these chain stores may disagree with this statement, but if you go online and search the models they offer vs. those offered at a local dealer, you will find that they are different. You’ll find that there are far more better options at your local dealer.

That’s why it’s best to check out the specifications on each of the mowers you are considering--those at big box stores vs. those at your trusted local dealer. Because, for example, a big box store may offer the “same” mower as your local dealer with a bigger engine at a lower cost, making you more inclined to go for the bigger engine. However, what you don’t see are the inner workings of each machine. That bigger engine they are advertising is likely surrounded by thinner metal frames and plastic parts, only giving the illusion that it is bigger.

Another important consideration when shopping is who can provide the product knowledge and support? You really won’t know if the guy selling you a lawn mower from the big box store is from the Lighting Installation department or the Lawn + Garden department. More than likely, he is not going to be able to assure you that you’re buying the right mower for your yard. Your local dealer is going to work hard to answer all your questions and create a relationship with you so that if something were to ever go wrong after you buy, you are going to trust your local dealer enough to come back. Plus, with a local dealer, you’re getting the best warranty and service after your sale. You can’t beat that!

Perhaps the most important difference between big box vs local dealer is the “Dealer Prep.” Before you buy any piece of equipment, our mechanic will go over it with a fine tooth comb. He’ll torque every bolt to spec, level the deck, top up the hydraulic fluid in the HydroGear trannies, install the “break-in” oil, check the engine and wiring, etc. all before you purchase. You don’t get any of that from a big box store. You’ll be lucky if the guy that “assembled” your mower (if you’re buying one on display) even knew what he was doing.

Name Brands

Don’t just buy the model with the best price. Sure, it may appear that all of the models you’re comparing have the same engine, deck size and other noticeable features, but again, the engine and other important mechanisms could be surrounded by a cheap plastic, thin metal or unreliable bolts and screws, which will ultimately affect how the machine operates in the long-run. Most consumers tend to dismiss the seemingly small details, but the truth is they can have a big effect on the efficiency and over life of your mower.

On the contrary, when you purchase a name brand mower from a trusted local dealer--like a Hustler or Cub Cadet from A-1 Power Equipment--these are issues you won’t have to worry about. We stand behind our products and work with leading manufacturers to ensure you are getting a quality product at a comparable price. Trusted hometown dealers like A-1 Power might not always be able to compete with big box store special offer pricing, but there is certainly no comparison in the long term investment of your mower when it comes to quality, customer service and dependability.

In our opinion, you do get what you pay for and cheapest isn’t always best. The best “price” shouldn’t solely be judged on the overall price tag. We think about all of your needs - price, comfort, peace of mind, and long-term investment.